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The app that allows you to keep YOUR government and everything government related in check.

Sceal has the contact details for all :

  • TDs
  • Senators
  • The President
  • The Taoiseach
  • Semi-states
  • County Councils
  • The Gardai

How it works?

    1. Browse the app and find the person you want to send a message to.
    2. Enter your message and include the location and a photo if you like.
    3. Click Send! You can then enter your email if you wish to be included in the message – if not it will be sent anonymously.
    4. You message will then be sent to their email and Twitter through the @Sceal_ Twitter account– job done!

Possible uses:

> Potholes:   Next time you destroy your car in a pothole, take a photo and send it to the relevant council.
> Inefficiencies:   When the council sends a team of 10 people to fix the pothole, take another photo and send it in.
> Gardai:   Sick of the guards not following the rules? Take a photo and send it in.

The app can also be used in the unusual case when you think the government is doing a stellar job and you would like to convey it.

Stack: Titanium alloy, PHP

Developed for Sceal.co

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Owner : Durlov
Version : 1.0
Categories : Appcelerator Titnaium cross platform / hybrid app
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